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Damage caused by windstorm, hurricane or tornado can run the gamut from being very minor to so severe that the home is rendered a total loss. On homes that can be repaired, it is extremely important that measures be taken immediately to minimize additional damage. From tarping your roof to boarding-up window openings, DRI is always available — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — to provide emergency services to protect your property. Severe wind can also often cause damages hidden from routine inspection, such as split or twisted framing or misaligned walls. Regardless of the extent of damage, we are experts in providing emergency services and restoring your property with minimal disruption to your everyday life. Disaster Recovery Industries, Inc. offers a full range of services to recover from storm damage. Our firm has personnel that are both Master Certified Restorer (CMR) and Certified Master Cleaner (CMC).

Our services include the following items:

  • De-Flooding
  • Large scale Dehumidification
  • Drying & Dehumidification
  • Anti-Mildew treatment
  • Anti-Mildew Remediation
  • Electronics restoration
  • Document drying
  • Consulting
  • Equipment, Production Line and HVAC cleaning

We also take the following steps to minimize your losses by storm:

  • Emergency Cover-up and Board-up
  • Content Pack Out
  • Content Storage
  • Reconstruction

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